A woman’s tweet about the lack of menstrual health services in PVR goes viral

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How many times has it happened that every woman in her daily shopping bag checked to have a spare pad, just in case? It seems normal, right? It seems like something a woman does involuntarily.

However, one Twitter user got to thinking after an incident at PVR theaters. Twitter user @krispycrabb took to the microblogging site to recount an incident where she was at PVR theaters and her friend was in dire need of a sanitary pad.

β€œI was at PVR this morning to see a movie with a friend. He had his period randomly and couldn’t find pads or products on PVR,” the first tweet from him read in a thread.

She goes on to say that India is “underdeveloped in terms of health and accessibility.” β€œHow come public spaces haven’t yet adapted and considered installing stations that contain sanitary products?” she asks @krispycrabb.

@krispycrabb also points out that period health services don’t have to be free, but should at least be accessible in all public spaces. “It doesn’t really have to be unpaid, that’s a different conversation for another time, but the fact that it wasn’t even considered got me thinking about how neglected health and accessibility is during period and how it needs to be addressed.” ” she wrote.

β€œPublic spaces must have facilities that suit the periods! It’s just a small step, but it would go a long way. I couldn’t stop thinking about the PVR staff and how they, too, could benefit from installing a simple vending machine,” he added.

@krispycrabb also tagged PVR theaters in his tweet. They haven’t responded yet though.

Tagging Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya and the Health Ministry, the Twitter user wrote: “It is high time to implement such basic changes and work towards policies that help better access sanitary products in public spaces. public because clearly not enough is being done.

The woman’s post drew a lot of attention and a lot of reactions from Twitter users.

“Before airports had vending machines, between security and the walk to the gate, I had my period and there were no pharmacies anywhere in Mumbai International Airport. No toilet attendant could help. I had to use scarves. Luckily it was only a 3 hour flight,” wrote one user.

Some also took a sarcastic approach, saying, “I couldn’t find any apple knives in PVR either. Is it too much to ask for knives for my apples?”

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