Abarul Haque Asif Biography

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We will discuss before you an Islamic speaker who gives various talks on the cause of Islam. The speaker we are going to talk about today always goes to different places to deliver speeches and waz or conferences to spread Islam.

He performs various beautiful waz on young, old, female, male, etc. And because of Waz, he is respected and appreciated by the people of society today.

So we will discuss about – Maulana Abbarul Haque Asif.
He discusses all aspects of Islam and explains beautifully how to practice Islam and please Allah. He can preach in Bengali and English.

The root meaning of the name Abrar is pious.
Asif's name meaning is stormy, strong, and fierce.

This speaker’s real name is Aktarul Haque Asif, but everyone in his family calls him Asif. And during his student life and school life, all his friends called him Asif. But according to his certificate Akhbarul Haque Asif is given.

  1. Birthplace:

Abrarul Haque Asif was born in Mollapara Kamalpur area of ​​Bagerhat district. However, it is known that he is currently located in front of Rajshahi Kamruzzaman Park, and he lives there. He has been working as a khatib of Rajshahi Zia Para Jame Masjid.

  1. Family details:

Abrarul Haque Asif’s family consists of five members. He along with his parents and two sisters. His father’s name is Md. Nazir Ahmed is a teacher by profession.

  1. Education:

Abrarul Haque Asif has been studying in general line since the beginning. Apart from studying general lines, he also studied the madrasa line. Presently his educational qualification is Madrasah.

Always Abbarul Haque Asif participated in all the exams and achieved good results. It must be said that he was always a brilliant student and used to read various books to develop his intelligence. He always wanted to become a popular speaker in Bangladesh like Mizanur Rahman Azhari and be known all over Bangladesh.

  1. Physical Appearance:

Abrarul Haque Asif is 5 feet 6 inches tall. And his weight is 66 kg. And his body structure is well-built, and he looks very beautiful. And his voice is melodious. He is one of the most popular scholars in Bangladesh. He has become popular with the audience by discussing in his melodious voice.

Abrarul Haque Asif said, “If the life of a young person changes through my discussion, then I am successful.”Abrarul Haque Asif said I am working for the guidance of ordinary people. Especially the way I talk, young people love my talks. I can reach very close to the youth through my talks.

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