Abu Taha Muhammad Adnan Biography, Family, Education, Career

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Abu Taha Muhammad Adnan is known as an Islamic orator.
Abu Taha Muhammad Adnan is one of the popular Islamic scholars. He is popular for his outspoken manner and speaking on contemporary issues. His real name is Afsanul Adnan. But he is known to the people as Abu Taha Adnan.

Abu Taha Adnan gained popularity by promoting Islam on Facebook and YouTube.

Details About Abu Taha Muhammad Adnan:

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He was born in Rangpur district of Bangladesh. No such information is available about his date of birth. He currently resides in Rangpur.

Family details:

Abu Taha Adnan’s father’s name is Rafiqul Islam, and mother’s name is Azefa Begum. He was brought up in his maternal grandfather’s house after his father’s death.
Abu Taha Adnan married twice. His first wife was “Habiba Noor”. He lives in Rangpur.

And the 2nd wife is Sabikun Nahar Sara. He lives in Dhaka. She is the director of a women’s madrasa in Dhaka.
Abu Taha Adnan is a father of two children. One is a boy and the other is a girl.

Physical Appearance:

Abu taha Adnan's height is 5 feet 4 inches.
His weight is 58 kg
The eye color is black
The hair color is black
Body color white brown.


Abu Taha Adnan loved cricket. He had a reputation in Rangpur as a good cricketer. Abu Taha Adnan studied at Rangpur Laws School and College. After crossing the college barrier, he got admission to Rangpur Carmichael College. There he did Honors, and Master’s in Philosophy.

He fell in love with Islam from the time he studied philosophy. His inclination towards Islam increased day by day. He started reading and researching Islamic books a lot. After completing his Master’s in Philosophy, he enrolled in “Al Jame’ah As Salafia Madrasa” next to his home.

Career of Abu Taha:

Abu Taha Adnan is an Islamic speaker. He used to discuss various mahfils. Besides, he gives Friday sermons in various mosques.

He established a school in the Tasar area, he manages it. The institution imparts Islamic education along with general line studies.

Abu taha Adnan’s missing news story:

On June 10, 2021, Abu Taha Adnan left for Dhaka in a private car from Rangpur. His companions were 2nd – Abdul Muhit, and Mohammad Firoz. And the driver is Amir Uddin Faiz. All four of them disappeared along with the car, and no trace was found.

After the disappearance of Abu Taha Adnan, the news spread widely on social media. Everyone gave a status on their account asking for the search of Abu Taha Adnan. Even in the parliament, he talked about the parliament.

His second wife Sabikunnahar said in a press conference, “He had a disagreement with a faction of scholars over religious doctrine. Due to these reasons, he did not get any response from known scholars for help. Rather, common people and followers are much more vocal online to get Adnan back.”

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