Ahead of the G20 delegates’ visit to the city, the Taj Mahal-Agra Fort will remain closed for some time on February 12.

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As part of a warm welcome to the G20 delegates in the city, the Taj Mahal and Agra For will remain closed for four hours or more on February 12, officials told PTI on Monday.

The two tourist spots will be visited by the G20 delegates during their visit to the city. During their visit, the school’s students are scheduled to present cultural performances at various venues, including airports, highways, and hotels.

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The monumental sites will remain closed during the scheduled visit of the G20 delegates. It is worth noting that this will be the first visit of the G20 delegates to Agra.

“Arrangements are being made in full swing to welcome delegates to a proposed G20 meeting in Agra in February,” District Magistrate Navneet Singh Chahal told PTI.

He also informed that the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort may remain closed to visitors for three to four hours during the visit of foreign delegates at the monument premises. He also added that the instructions for closing the monument for a certain date will be given in advance for the convenience of visitors in general.

According to the schedule released by the Foreign Ministry, the G20 members are expected to travel for group meetings to Indore, Bangalore and Lucknow until mid-February. During this time, there are chances that these delegates can also visit Agra.

To ensure the facilities at these sites and other places, Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Amrit Abhijat also visited Agra. He inspected the airport, the selfie point and also took note of the development work being done on the Fatehabad road and others.

The news agency also reported that the students of the school and university will show the Braj culture in front of the foreign delegates with their performances. Most of these performances will be based on the highlights of Braj culture like Lathmar Holi, Charkula dance and Phoolon ki Holi etc. These performances will be carried out by the artists in airports, highways and hotels that the delegates will visit.

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