Air India pee gate: Court reserves order on Shankar Mishra’s bail plea

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The Patiala House Court on Monday reserved its order on the bail petition filed by Shankar Mishra, accused of urinating on a woman aboard an Air India flight from New York to New Delhi in November 2022. additional sessions Harjyot Singh Bhalla booked the order. on Shankar Mishra’s bail and said the order will be passed on Tuesday, January 31.

During the hearing, the court noted that the witness does not testify in favor of the agency. The court also noted that there was a contradiction between the complainant’s statement and the witness’s statement. “There is a contradiction in the statement of the complainant and the statement of Ila Benarjee (witness),” the court said.

Shankar Mishra has argued in court that the complainant requested a refund of the ticket but did not seek any action against the defendant, Shankar Mishra.

“The Court of First Instance denied me bail stating that my conduct was unsatisfactory and that the investigation was pending. But now the police have questioned other crew members and witnesses. The complainant requested a refund of the ticket and did not seek any action against me,” said the Lead Counsel. Ramesh Gupta featured.

Meanwhile, the Delhi police have objected to Shankar Mishra’s release on bail, saying the defendant has failed to cooperate in the investigation. “He urinated on an old man. He did not cooperate in the investigation. He had turned off all of his cell phones. Then we track it through the IMEI number. He smeared India, internationally,” introduced the public prosecutor who appeared on behalf of the Delhi police.

Shankar Mishra is currently in court custody.

His bail plea was earlier thrown out by Delhi’s Patiala House Court Magistrate Court, saying the defendant relieving an elderly lady was absolutely “disgusting and repulsive.”

“The alleged act in itself is enough to outrage any woman’s modesty. The defendant’s egregious conduct has shocked the civic conscience and must be disapproved of,” said Metropolitan Magistrate Komal Garg.

According to the allegations, the defendant was voluntarily drunk and had consumed alcohol during the flight and this fact has not been denied by the applicant. The alleged act itself reflects prima facie the intention of the accused, added the Magistrate.

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