Amid BBC documentary controversy, PM Modi says some are trying to divide India

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According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, unsuccessful efforts are being made to divide the citizens of the country. PM Modi, at a National Cadet Corps (NCC) event on January 28 in New Delhi, urged the people to stick together for the sake of developing the nation.

Prime Minister Modi’s comment comes as there is ongoing controversy surrounding a BBC documentary on the 2002 Gujarat riots. The documentary criticizes his performance as prime minister during the 2002 riots.

The Center ordered links to the documentary “India: The Modi Question” to be blocked on Twitter and YouTube. The controversial documentary, which the central government rejected as “propaganda” and “reflecting a colonial mentality”, was screened by students at numerous campuses, including the University of Delhi, TISS Mumbai and opposition parties in some places.

The BBC should be shut down over its documentary on Prime Minister Modi, claims the Hindu Sena which posted notices outside the BBC office at Kasturba Gandhi Marg in New Delhi. The organization has accused the BBC of participating in a global plot to damage India’s and Modi’s reputations.

Many excuses and polarizing issues are being raised to prevent India from progressing and following its motto, “Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat,” Prime Minister Modi said noting that such people would still fail even after tens of thousands of such attempts. He stated that the only way to take the nation to new heights in the world is through coming together as a nation.

“The ekta mantra is our medicine against these attempts,” added Prime Minister Modi. According to him, the citizens of India should ensure that there are no such obstacles on the path to prosperity. “We have to live for our country and witness its success. That is the least we can do,” he said.

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