Biotech founder Bryan Johnson explains why he reversed his age by 5 years

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Biotech firm founder and CEO Bryan Johnson, who recently spent millions to reduce his age through sophisticated technology, has now spoken about why he went through this massive change.

according to Bloomberg report, the tech millionaire had spent $2 million a year to make himself 18 again.

“This month the Blueprint team may set a new world record by reversing a biomarker of aging: my epigenetic age. Specifically, we recently saw a large reduction in my average multiple epi clocks, per unit of time, from 47 years to 42.5 in seven months. That is more than six months of age reversal, per month, without the use of growth hormone,” he wrote in his Medium post.

His firm was running a project called ‘BluePrint’, with the goal of altering the epigenetic makeup of humans, for which Johnson was part of the trials. In his post, Johnson claimed that he has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the lung capacity of an 18-year-old.

while talking to the independenthe explained that he was in a “bad place” 10 years ago while building his startup. He added that with the pressure of the startup, he was in depression and along with that the challenges of being a father of three children.

He added that he had self-destructive behavior and blamed himself for everything. He added that he used to treat himself to relaxing from the stress that caused him to gain a lot of weight and lose sleep.

Johnson ultimately decided to make a change. In addition, he came up with the idea of ​​creating a system that would take care of health better than he did.

“I basically took myself away from taking care of myself and built a system that takes care of me better than I could take care of myself,” he was quoted as saying. the independent. For this, he said, he hired a team of doctors at his home in Venice, California, who worked on all the functions of his body. Led by 29-year-old Oliver Zolman, a physician, the program is supported by a team of more than 30 health experts.

She added that while much of the process is painful, she added that she sincerely loved it. In addition to adding about the whole process, he said: “I enjoy the discipline. I enjoy what the project asks of me. Ask for the ability to bear pain,” he told the newspaper.

The medical process that follows strict rules for diet and constant medical procedures can be upsetting, but Johnson said he has never been happier and healthier. He also added that the system is helping him to be healthier and happier than he could on his own.

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