Canadian girl wins ₹290 crore in lottery; buy 5 Mercedes, a plane

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There is a lot that money can buy, although not everything. Most dream of becoming rich, which can change a lot for a person. Imagine waking up so rich one morning that you can buy the material things you want.

Juliette Lamour, a Canadian teenager, has experienced a similar life-changing situation after winning the lottery. When the girl turned 18, she went to a store to buy something for herself. Her grandfather suggested that she buy a lottery ticket, but the Ontario resident was confused because she knew little about it.

She didn’t know how to get a lottery ticket, but her grandfather helped her. The girl bought the Lotto 6-49 lottery from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and returned home.

The teenager had forgotten about the Lotto lottery ticket. However, one day he finds out that his neighbor has won a prize in the January 7 lottery. After this, he remembered that he has also bought a lottery ticket.

Immediately, he went to the app to see if he’s won any prizes. Surprisingly, the girl won the prize of $290 crores. She was surprised as well as happy. She went to her family and announced this good news.

After this, he bought five Mercedes cars worth $2 crores each for his family is worth a charter plane $100 crores, and a bungalow worth $40 crores in London. And the lucky one saved the rest $150 crores for the future. She said that she will invest the money with the help of her father.

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