China district to allow even ‘unmarried couples’ to register their children’s births

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Amid China’s historic population decline, Sichuan province in the southwestern region decided to remove restrictions on single people with children.

In the Sichuan region, only married couples could only register the birth of their children, that too, up to only 2 children. Birth registration certificates are required for maternity insurance benefits, children’s access to social welfare policies such as healthcare and education, etc. But from now on, all citizens of the Sichuan region, including single parents, can register the birth of all their children. This is an important step considering that China was once extremely strict with its ‘one child policy’.

The Sichuan provincial health commission said in a statement that by removing the restriction on marriage, the new measures shifted the focus of birth registration to “the desire and results of motherhood.”

The Sichuan health official said, as reported by the BBC, that the policy was aimed at safeguarding the rights of single mothers, not encouraging single people to become parents. The commission’s announcement said the policy would promote “long-term and balanced population development.”

This comes at a time when China reported a massive demographic crisis. Data from last year showed that China’s population shrank last year for the first time in more than six decades.

Apart from Sichuan, provinces like Guangdong and Shaanxi are also taking similar measures.

China was once extremely strict with its one-child policy. But due to the demographic crisis, Beijing removed the highly controversial rule in 2015. But after a brief rebound in 2016, the national birth rate has continued to fall.

Lawmakers further relaxed birth limits in 2021, allowing three children, and increased efforts to encourage larger families. And the government also introduced measures like stronger maternity leave policies and tax breaks and other benefits for families. But those efforts have yet to see results.

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