Coronation may be an ‘impossible situation’ for King Carlos III: Report

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With the alleged breakup between Prince Williams and Prince Harry, King Charles III finds himself in an “impossible situation” when it comes to the coronation, it reported. daily mail online of February 2.

According to a royal expert, Charlotte Griffiths, King Charles may turn to a figure like the Archbishop of Canterbury for help.

“It’s an impossible situation, you can see why they want a third party,” daily mail online quoted Griffiths during the Editor at Large show on Sunday.

“You get the impression that he’s probably been trying to figure this out for a number of years, but I think he probably had the finesse to say ‘actually, look, I can’t do this, so I’m going to have to get someone else to do it.'” help…” added Griffiths.

“There’s also the added complication of Charles caring for William, because it seems like William doesn’t particularly want Harry there, so he has to keep both parties happy, which is an impossible thing to do,” he further noted.

Apart from Griffiths, daily mailRoyal editor Rebecca English believes that even for the leader of the church it can be difficult to mend the relationship.

“I think it’s going to take more than a man of God, I have to say, I really do, even one as anointed as he is,” English says, adding: “I also think it’s a family thing, because at the end of the One day, Harry will have no official role, we understand, at the coronation, so he will be there as his father’s guest.”

Previously, the relationship between the two royal princes soured after the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Netflix series, which was littered with allegations against the family.

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