Fugla [Supradeep] Biography

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These days ordinary people are becoming celebrities with the power of social media. Many people know this little Phugla through social media. Fugla’s real name is Supradeep.

This little golumulu sweetie went viral through a video. In this video, his angry, angry-sweet talk about studies with his teacher went viral on social media. Since then, he has become a favorite among netizens.

They live in Canning because of their original home in the Sundarbans, work, and Fugla’s studies for the time being. He spends his days running around the house and doing mischief.

His family consisted of four members. Father, mother, brother, and fugla.

Fugla is currently in nursery class.

It started with a video of Fugla and her aunt (Didimani) on social media. In the video in which this ‘cute box’ angrily told the teacher, ‘I will kill you and remove the bark’. The video went viral on social media. Since then everyone knows Fugla by one name. Audiences enjoy this sweet child’s cries, screams, arrogance, and laughter.

Later, multiple videos of Fugla and her aunt’s murders went viral. In one word, Fuglar’s video will make you laugh out loud.

Currently phugla’s 156k subscribers on youtube. After being very popular on Facebook, fugla is now a part of SVF Stories.

A four-year-old Phugla can talk about her likes and dislikes very well. He likes Dev a lot as a hero.

How Fugla became popular:

Fugla’s family says they are from the village. No idea about social media. But her aunt loves her, one day she made a funny video and posted it. Then Fugla became so popular that Aunty (Didimani) herself got scared. He then told the Fugla family, wondering if they would mind. Everyone in the Fugla family says they love Auntiy too, and Auntiy loves Fugla in her own way. So trust him, think nothing of it.

Many people affectionately call Fugla Rasgolla.

Many people affectionately call Fugla Rasgolla. In the video, Fugla is often seen reciting poetry while swaying. Her smile is very loved by many viewers, like a sweet lively smile.

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