Grateful for Pathaan’s success despite…: Shah Rukh Khan as film earns over 500 cr in 5 days

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Actor Shah Rukh Khan said Monday that Pathaan’s team is grateful for all the love the film has received since its release despite protests against it. Shah Rukh Khan, whose ‘Pathaan’ is setting new box office records, held a press conference in Mumbai with co-actors Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. Since its launch last week, Pathaan has amassed over $500 crores.

Addressing the press conference, Shah Rukh Khan said that the team is grateful to the audience for their support of the ‘Pathaan’ film despite the things that “would have curtailed the release of the film.”

“[We are] grateful for the people’s love for Pathaan. We have so much love from all sides. We are all extremely grateful to the audience and media for supporting the film (Pathaan) so much despite the fact that there might have been things that would have reduced the happy release of the film,” said Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan said that there were times when the team had to call people asking them to let the film release peacefully.

“There were times when we had to call people and ask them to let us release our movie in peace. Watching movies and making movies is a loving experience and I want to thank all the people who helped us to release this movie (Pathaan) for the people,” said Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan’s new film ‘Pathaan’ has broken records following its release last week, bringing hope to Bollywood after a series of weak showings. Its international ticket sales surpassed 1 billion rupees ($13.7 million) in just three days, according to Yash Raj Films, which produced the film.

As Pathaan continued to break new box office records, Shah Rukh Khan greeted hundreds of fans outside his home in Bandra last night who were waiting for him. Dressed entirely in black and wearing a headscarf, Shah Rukh appeared on the balcony of his ‘Mannat’ sea-view bungalow, one of Mumbai’s landmarks, on Sunday.

Shah Rukh Khan waved, blew kisses and greeted his fans with ‘Namaste’ and ‘Salaam’.

Early Monday morning, the 57-year-old actor shared a video of the crowded street with a bus and some cars stuck in the middle of the sea of ​​fans on his official Twitter account and captioned the post with, “Mehmaan Nawaazi Pathaan ke ghar par… Thank you to all my Mehmaans for making my Sunday so full of love. Grateful. Happy. Loved.”

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