‘Hey, it’s okay’: Anil Kapoor holds stranger’s hand during rough flight and gives life advice

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The overhead compartment above her opened and began to flap as the plane took off. Immediately after takeoff, the flight became turbulent. She’s never been good on airplanes. In 2022, she developed a health condition that made her more nervous. The moment she kept her hand on the divider in the middle of the two seats, her co-passenger took her hand and said, “Hey, okay. Tell me your name. Let’s talk.”

Shikha Mittal opened up about her experience with a passenger who comforted her during a turbulent flight and ended up having a conversation for the next few hours. The co-passenger was none other than Anil Kapoor, the Bollywood original mr india.

Kapoor will soon be seen as the antagonist in Disney+ Hotstar’s Indian adaptation of the night managerBased on the 1993 spy novel by British writer John le Carre.

When they started the conversation, Kapoor asked him about his profession. Shikha Mittal is the founder of Be.artsy and the Be Your Own Shakti and Beartsy Foundation. She is an expert in financial education.

She said that, during the trip, they discussed financial planning, retirement plans, money management and will writing while discussing movies, property prices and fitness. She also talked about Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit, Anil Kapoor’s most famous on-screen partners.

When asked about his favorite movie, Kapoor told him that he liked Jugjugg Jeeyo, Anil Kapoor’s latest film which also stars Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani. Mittal told him that he had a “recurrency bias.” Anil told him, “Tu haad se jyada intelligent hai (your exaggerated intelligence).”

Shikha opened up about how upset she had been after COVID-19 and vaccinations. Kapoor advised her not to worry too much about her. “Look at me. I’m a very average man, who focuses on hard work. I exercise for 1-2 hours, go to bed early, wake up early… that’s why I stay ‘jhakaas’ and look about your age” . Shikha reminded her that he was her father’s age.

She said she would have remained silent to protect Kapoor’s privacy if he had not spoken at the time. But, for those two hours, she laughed non-stop and it looked like the plane had just landed after takeoff, Mittal wrote.

Kapoor later told him, “Many people will tell you that anxiety is bad, but today because of your anxiety we both had a chance to talk and laugh, and now maybe you’ll buy me a coffee in Delhi too.” As she smiled, he hugged her out of her and said “Shikha The Mittal BYE!”.

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