How to get more than 90 points in CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam 2023?

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CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips for English 2023: English as a subject in class 10, is very underrated or very overrated. As a result, students end up in a chaotic mess of unpreparedness or panic. The English test preparation tips in this article will guide you through your test preparation to master the subject. Check here how to prepare for the CBSE Class 10 English exam for 90+ points.

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips for English 2023: English Language and Literature is a subject that students often continue to ignore until the last moment and then panic towards the end. Students lack preparation in the subject for either of two reasons: 1. They underestimate their preparation for the CBSE Class 10 English exam 2. They are too absorbed in other major subjects. However, CBSE Class 10 English 2023 candidates must not forget that English is also one of the compulsory and core subjects. In fact, English Language and Literature is a very gradeable work. Therefore, with the right study plan and strategy, students can improve their English performance and overall CBSE Class 10 results.

In this article, we have provided below well-tested expert tips to score 90+ in the CBSE Class 10 English exam. With these CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips for English 2023, students will be able to easily score good grades. without losing focus on other core subjects, such as Science, Social Sciences, and Mathematics.

How to get a good score in Class 10th CBSE English board exam 2023?

There are two aspects to scoring well in the CBSE Class 10th English Board Exam 2023.

  1. conceptual clarity

  2. writing practice

(Secret 3rd aspect: Presentation matters!)

Let us analyze the aforementioned aspects in a little more detail.

  1. Conceptual clarity: There are multiple areas of focus when it comes to conceptual clarity in the Class 10th CBSE English paper. Your concept of prose and poetry must be clear regarding plot, characters, themes, etc. In the meantime, you should have a clear idea of ​​the format to be used in the Writing for Letters, Passages, etc. sections. Also, grammar rules aren’t just something to be mugged. The application of grammar in the questionnaire also requires precise conceptual clarity.
  2. Writing practice: Underestimating writing practice for CBSE Class 10 English exam is a common thing among all students, in general. However, you should not make this mistake if you want to score 90+ on the CBSE English Board Exam for 10th class. Practice writing answers for the grammar, creative writing section, prose, and poetry sections. This will help you with accuracy, accurate answers, typing speed, handwriting, and even memory and revision.

In the meantime, candidates who plan to sit for the exam and score 90+ on the CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam 2023 should focus on the presentation. The presentation of your work becomes even more important when it comes to English because it is subjective work that can generate generosity from the examiner grading your work.

CBSE Class 10 English 2023: Paper Pattern

Knowing the quiz pattern is very important for students to prioritize and prepare their test preparation strategy.

Section A – Reading Skills (20 points)

This section includes answering questions for Reading Comprehension through the Unseen Passage. The section is divided into two:

  1. Discursive passage (10 points)
  2. Case-Based Passage (10 points)

Section B – Grammar and Writing Skills (20 points)

The first part is a full grammar check of students’ understanding of tenses, modals, subject and verb agreement, etc.

The second part will have short and long writing including a Formal Letter and an Analytical Paragraph.

Section C – Literature Textbooks and Supplementary Reading (40 points)

This section comprises factual and descriptive questions based on prescribed prose and poetry. The questions are long and short, intended for assess inference, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and vocabulary, which also requires interpretation and extrapolation.

English preparation tips for CBSE class 10: how to get a score of 90+

To help CBSE Class 10 students to score 90+, we are providing here the best CBSE Class 10 English preparation tips for the 2023 board exam on 27 February 2023.

1. Comply with the prescribed CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2022-23

The first step in preparing for the CBSE Class 10 English exam should be to look at your syllabus. Students should also pay just as much attention to learning about the removed syllabi so that they spend their valuable time on what will be tested on the exam and not on what will be removed from the syllabus.

2. Prescribed Class 10 CBSE English NCERT Textbook

The only books you should refer to are those prescribed by CBSE, i.e. NCERT Class 10rth English Textbooks and workbooks. View the PDF and download the text and workbooks below:

3. CBSE 10th Class English 2022-23 Sample Questions Document

The CBSE Class 10 English Solved Sample Quiz for 2023 Board Exam Preparation serves as a preview of the future and gives students an idea of ​​what the CBSE Class 10 English quiz 2023 might look like. Since these are published by boards, to give students an idea of ​​the design and pattern of the upcoming board exam, sample papers are one of the most reliable resources for board exam preparation. The sample document provided below also includes a solution provided by the CBSE Board to help you understand what ideal solutions look like.

4. CBSE English Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers

One of the best ways to prepare for the upcoming CBSE Class 10 English board exam 2023 is to take a look at the experiences of last year’s CBSE Class 10 English board exam candidates. See below for the previous year’s document along with the answer keys.

5. Writing Practice

The ability to clearly convey your ideas through written words at a fixed time is tricky. You need practice.

Trying to solve the questions on the sample paper and on last year’s paper helps students practice writing the answers. Writing the answers within the given time frame, with utmost precision, legible handwriting, neat presentation and complete answers is very essential.

6. Time management

CBSE Class 10 English is a 3 hour long document. Trying to answer the question and completing it requires adequate practice with patience. Students must strategically try to answer each section of the questionnaire within a given time frame so that they can eventually complete the document. Students should also plan to save some time for review work.

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