Is the DGCA considering limiting the service of alcoholic beverages on flights? VK Singh responds

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There is no proposal under consideration by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to limit liquor served on flights due to the misbehavior of intoxicated passengers, General (Rtd) VK Singh, Minister of State for Civil Aviation.

Singh was responding to a question about whether the DGCA is considering limiting alcoholic beverage service on flights due to the misbehavior of drunken passengers. He responded that there is currently no such proposal under consideration by the DGCA, according to the ANI news agency.

In his response, he said that a total of 63 passengers had been placed on the ‘No Fly List’ in the last year, as recommended by the airline’s Internal Committee, constituted in accordance with the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR). , Section 3- Air Transportation, Series M, and Part VI titled “Handling unruly or disruptive passengers.”

“These include two urination incidents that have come to the attention of the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGCA) in the last year,” he added.

The DGCA maintains a ‘No Fly List’ which contains specific information relating to the passenger involved, identification document contact details, date of occurrence, sector, flight number, ban enforcement period, etc., as per with the provision mentioned in AUTO.

Most of the passengers placed on the No Fly List were for violations related to not wearing a mask or not obeying instructions from crew members.

Meanwhile, Tata Group’s Air India reviewed its existing in-flight alcohol service policy and made some adjustments for clarity. The airline has referenced the practices of other airlines and input from the US NRA guidelines.

The airline also issued recommendations to cabin crew members on how to handle passengers while serving alcohol.

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