‘Join the army and enjoy cheap liquor’: Netizen criticized for posting alcohol rates at Navy officers’ mess in Delhi

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When a netizen tweeted an image of a menu of various brands of alcohol with extremely low prices, he wrote that his “Bangalore brain” couldn’t “understand” the prices. He mentions that the prices are the Navy officers’ mess in Delhi, and soon created an uproar. The netizen was accused of having a grudge against the armed forces for his privileges.

To give an idea of ​​how cheap the liquor is available in the dining room, a 60 ml Black Dog 12 Years costs $118.89. In Bangalore it costs a 375 ml bottle of Black Dog 12 Years $1,472. A 60ml Teacher costs 50 a bundle $124.58 while a 375 ml bottle of the same price $1,490 in Bangalore.

Some users did not take well to the fact that the Twitter user made an issue of such cheap liquor prices in a military canteen. “Yes, for these rates, people have been sailing at sea, serving siachen for months in minus 30 temperatures and sacrificing many social functions at home and may end up paying the ultimate price in way of life. By the way, you are also welcome to join this elite club and enjoy endless drinks (sic),” wrote one user.

One user wondered why he made the netizen jealous and asked him to join the army, serve and enjoy cheap liquor. The netizen named Anant replied that he was also jealous of Lionel Messi, but it did not mean that he would start playing football.

I guess you didn’t go! What is the point of showing the menu card? It is very clear that he wants to leave the Forces and cannot accept that the rates are subsidized. Was this necessary? (sic),” another user wrote. Anant replied that he was “just regretting” how high Bangalore’s prices were.

“The very act of sharing was a gross violation of ethics and invitation,” said another user.

Anant eventually put out a disclaimer that his post was simply “wow so low are these prices” instead of stating “how dare they be so low”. The whole country knows that they enjoy lower rates of alcohol in the military. “What’s with the fuss?” she asked.

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