Pathan Screens Simultaneously With DDLJ At ‘This’ Iconic Theater In Mumbai

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Bollywood fans are celebrating Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie ‘Pathan’ and people are flocking to theaters to witness the superstar’s magic. The level of fan enthusiasm for his star is reaching simmering heights, so Mumbai’s iconic Maratha Mandir theater decided to screen ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ simultaneously with ‘Pathan’.

“Such enthusiasm has been seen after many years,” Maratha Mandir theater chief executive Manoj Desai said while speaking to the ANI news agency. He is also the CEO of G7 multiplex in Mumbai.

“The film will be screened in 2 theaters with a capacity of 1000-1000 seats in G7 Multiplex. While 2,000 people are watching the movie, another 2,000 are standing outside, and some people are there separately to buy tickets. There was no place to set foot on the day the movie was released. Today, that is to say, on Saturday, the collection is also very good and on Sunday it is full, ”he added.

“In my second Maratha Mandir theatre, there is only Shah Rukh. His film ‘Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ has been on the air for 28 years on one side and now ‘Pathan’ is on the other,” Desai said.

After some controversies over a particular song from the movie ‘Pathan’, some social groups started a campaign to boycott the movie. Shah Rukh Khan and his family were also drawn into the controversy with objectionable language used against the actor. Desai requested all Shah Rukh fans not to indulge in such activities and not to boycott any films.

“Such words should not be said by Shahrukh. He has also made brilliant and patriotic movies like ‘Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani’, ‘Veer Zara’ and ‘Chak De India’. Movies are made to entertain. They should be seen as entertainment. Hindu “Muslim does not work in this industry or among the audience. No viewer buys a ticket to see Hindu or Muslim. They watch the movies they like,” Desai said.

The chief executive also rejected comments from actress Kangana Ranaut, who said the film should be called ‘Indian Pathan’.

“Kangana Ranaut is a great and good actress. She should speak good things. We did film ‘Khuda Gawah’ in which Afghan Pathans were shown. Pathan is Pathan. Now, Pathans from different areas in this country should be shown?” . she asked her.

‘Pathan’ Is Bollywood’s Biggest Opening As The Movie Won $106 crores worldwide on the first day of assessment, said business analyst Taran Adarsh.

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