Rajnath Singh congratulates ‘Super-25’ students of Veer Gatha competition

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DELHI : Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday congratulated the ‘Super-25′ students of the Veer Gatha competition and praised the students’ creativity through their entries.

During this, the Union Minister of Education, Dharmendra Pradhan, was also present.

Congratulating the young winners, the Minister of Defense praised their courage, zeal and creativity, expressing his confidence that the young generation will provide a new and better direction not only for themselves but also for society and the Nation.

Applauding the role of Veer Gatha in inspiring values ​​of patriotism in young students, Rajnath Singh said that such projects will play a crucial role in infusing values ​​of morality and bravery along with education among students. In the recent past, the government has taken various measures that will help in the all-round development of our children in the coming times, he added.

Highlighting the growing popularity of Veer Gatha, the minister said, in such a short time this project has gained immense popularity and has become a movement in its own right.

“Last year there was a turnout of 8 lakhs, while this time the number of these entries exceeded 19 lakhs. In a short time, it has been able to reach millions of children. This is how a movement happens,” said Rajnath Singh.

The defense minister stressed that crores of children are indirectly connected to this project, which is also the goal of this project. Connecting with the country’s children and keeping them motivated is nation building, he added.

“Integration is the first requirement for any construction, be it a building, a society, an organization or a nation. Without the integration process, nothing can be built. The project is connecting the children across the country with the long-standing heritage of India and building their personality. The better we build the personality of the children, the better and stronger the nation building will be,” said Rajnath Singh.

Underlining the importance of valor in everyday life, the defense minister said: “When I talk about valor and courage, I don’t just mean valor and courage on the battlefield. These virtues are absolutely necessary in everyday life. Just using arrows and swords is not courage. If there is something wrong somewhere, speaking out against that is also an act of great bravery and courage.”

He further added that great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Chandrashekhar Azad, Khudiram Bose, Ashfaq Ullah Khan continued to tell the truth throughout their lives, no matter what cost they had to pay for it.

Rajnath Singh also suggested that such congratulations should also be organized at the state and district level, so that the project reaches more people.

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