Some good books for NEET 2024 Biology preparation

Hey there! If you’re getting ready to take the NEET exam, you probably already know that biology is a big deal. In fact, it makes up half of your NEET score, so having the right study materials is key. Today, we’ll discuss some fantastic books that can help you excel in the biology section of the NEET exam.

NEET Biology Syllabus

Before we jump into recommending books, it’s super important to know what the NEET Biology curriculum covers. NEET Biology can be split into two main parts: Botany and Zoology. These two parts cover a lot of different topics like genetics, ecology, cell biology, human physiology, and more. So, when you’re picking out books, make sure they cover all these subjects thoroughly. That way, you’ll be all set to tackle the NEET Biology exam!

Best Books for NEET Biology

Let’s look at the best books to assist you with the NEET exam:

Book Title Author Subject
NEET-UG Physics, Chemistry & Biology Solved Papers Disha Experts Physics, Chemistry, Biology
MTG Objective NCERT at your FINGERTIPS – Biology MTG Editorial Board Biology
Concepts of Physics by HC Verma H.C. Verma Physics
Trueman’s Objective Biology for NEET – Vol. I & II Trueman Publication Biology
DC Pandey Objective Physics for NEET Vol 1 & 2 D C Pandey Physics
GRB A Textbook of Physical Chemistry for NEET O.P. Tandon Chemistry
Elementary Problems in Organic Chemistry for NEET M. S. Chauhan Chemistry
NCERT Biology of Class XI and XII NCERT Biology
NCERT Physics Textbook Class 11 & 12 NCERT Physics
NCERT Chemistry Class 11 & 12 NCERT Chemistry

NCERT Biology Textbooks

For NEET applicants, the biology textbooks published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) are regarded as the holy grail. They do so succinctly and simply, covering the full course. Start your training by carefully studying the biology textbooks for classes 11 and 12 provided by NCERT.

Biology Vol. 1 and 2 by Trueman

Another fantastic resource for getting ready for NEET is Trueman’s Biology. These books provide really detailed explanations, helpful illustrations, and practice questions. Lots of NEET toppers have credited Trueman’s Biology books as a big part of their success. So, consider adding Trueman’s Biology to your study materials; it can make a real difference in your preparation.

Objective Biology by Dinesh

If you’re looking to practice multiple-choice questions (MCQs) thoroughly, you should check out Objective Biology by Dinesh. This book has a large collection of MCQs that can really help you sharpen your problem-solving skills. It’s a great choice for those who want to excel in NEET by practicing lots of questions.

AC Dutta for Botany

AC Dutta’s book is a real gem for all the botany enthusiasts out there. It delves deep into plant structure, anatomy, and how plants work. This book is famous for its comprehensive coverage of botanical topics. If you’re passionate about botany, it’s a must-read for you.

HC Verma’s Biology Books

While HC Verma is mainly known for his contributions to physics, his biology books are also held in high regard. They offer a logical and conceptual framework for understanding biology concepts, making complex ideas easier to grasp. So, if you’re a fan of HC Verma’s teaching style, you’ll find his biology books just as valuable.

Pradeep’s Biology

NEET aspirants frequently choose Pradeep’s Biology. It takes a holistic approach to biology and has lots of practice problems to help you solidify your understanding. Tips for Effective NEET Biology Preparation

Focus on NCERT

Don’t overlook the NCERT textbooks despite the importance of supplemental materials. It’s crucial to have a solid foundation in NCERT material.

Practice Regularly

The secret to success is regular practice. To improve your problem-solving abilities, try your hand at a range of questions.

Take Mock Tests

Regularly taking practice exams can help you become accustomed to the NEET exam format and develop your time management abilities.

Biology Chapters

Chapter Name Number of PYQs
Diversity in Living World 7
Structural Organization… 9
Cell Structure and Function 12
Plant Physiology 8
Human Physiology 14
Reproduction 10
Genetics and Evolution 11
Biology and Human Welfare 6
Biotechnology and Its… 5
Ecology and Environment 8

Physics Chapters

Chapter Name Number of PYQs
Physical World and Measurement 8
Kinematics 5
Laws of Motion 7
Work, Energy and Power 6
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body 8
Gravitation 5
Properties of Bulk Matter 6
Thermodynamics 7
Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory 5
Oscillations and Waves 6

Chemistry Chapters

Chapter Name Number of PYQs
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry 6
Structure of Atom 5
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 7
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 6
States of Matter: Gases and Liquids 5
Thermodynamics 6
Equilibrium 5
Redox Reactions 7
Hydrogen 6
Some p-Block Elements 5
Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques 6
Hydrocarbons 5

Stay Updated

The field of biology is always changing, with new discoveries and innovations happening all the time. It’s important to stay updated on the latest advancements in biology.

In conclusion, effective NEET Biology preparation requires the right study materials. To excel in your NEET exam, use a mix of resources such as NCERT textbooks and supplementary books like Trueman’s Biology, Dinesh’s Objective Biology, and others. Remember the significance of sticking to a consistent study schedule, practicing regularly, and keeping yourself informed about the latest trends in biology. With hard work and the right tools, you can achieve your dream of a career in medicine.

Can I solely rely on NCERT textbooks for NEET Biology preparation?

Although NCERT textbooks are crucial, it’s advisable to complement your preparation with additional reference materials to ensure a comprehensive understanding.

Are there any online resources for NEET Biology preparation?

Certainly, there is a wide range of online resources that offer video lectures, practice exams, and study guides to assist with your NEET Biology preparation. These resources can be valuable supplements to your study plan.

Are there any specific chapters that require special attention in NEET Biology?

Chapters like Ecology, Human Physiology, and Genetics are worthy of special attention because they often yield high scores in the exams.

What is the significance of staying updated in the field of biology for NEET aspirants?

Staying updated with the latest advancements in biology ensures that you are well-informed and prepared for any contemporary topics that might be included in the NEET exam.

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