Texas oil and gas producers told to brace for winter storms

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Texas oil and gas producers have been told to secure their equipment and facilities ahead of this week’s potentially treacherous winter weather.

The Texas Railroad Commission advised operators in areas that could be affected to take steps, including safety of personnel, equipment and facilities to prevent injury or damage, according to a statement Sunday. The RRC also asked all operators to monitor and report road conditions during the weather event.

The warning comes after the National Weather Service predicted severe winter conditions in parts of Texas in the coming days. Winter precipitation is expected to begin in parts of West and North Texas on Monday afternoon, with more significant freezing rain through Tuesday.

The RCC also told operators to monitor state, local and national reports for updates on the weather and its potential impact. The possibility of ice buildup and freezing rain could create dangerous conditions for the road and operation.

Texas’ growing fossil fuel and petrochemical industry is known to be vulnerable to unusually low temperatures, which can freeze natural gas lines, cause valves to stick and disrupt power supplies.

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