UP Board Exams 2023: New guidelines are issued to prevent cheating. Details here

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In a bid to prevent cheating in upcoming board exams, the Uttar Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has released a list of guidelines that include restrictions on the use of electronic devices by proctors, a 50% representation of external proctors and the deployment of female proctors for exams taken by girls.

Proctors may not use mobile phones or any other electronic device during the exam. Candidates are also not allowed to bring any device that could be used to cheat or cheat on the exam, such as mobile phones, calculators or any other electronic devices.

The guidelines also state that half of the proctors at the test center will be external and no teacher at a test center will be appointed based on their vested interest request.

The proctor will inspect the examination room prior to the start of the examination to ensure that no materials are present that may benefit examinees, such as text material, posters, charts, or written instructions on the blackboard.

They will also be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of the questionnaires, as well as ensuring that no candidate enters the examination room with any prohibited material.

In addition, no girl being tested will be searched by a male proctor and female proctors will be deployed at centers where girls are taking the exams. The Guidelines also state that a teacher teaching the subject for which the test is being taken will not be on duty.

According to Divyakant Shukla, UP Board of Secondary Education Secretary, each exam hall will have 2 proctors and exam rooms where more than 40 students are present will have 3 proctors.

The guidelines are an attempt to comply with the directives given by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to conduct copy free board examination.

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