‘What can I cook with onions, potatoes, cheese…?’: ChatGPT suggests a food recipe

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ChatGPT, created by the San Francisco-based company OpenAI, has shown its prowess in answering various questions, from writing emails, tasks, FAQs and making jokes to food recipes – the OpenAI bot is doing it all. It has created new stages of evolving technology.

Yeah! you read it right. If you want to cook but you are too confused about the dish, then ChatGPT will help you. You just need to mention the available ingredients, and it will give you a unique food recipe.

Shubham Joshi, a content creator, gave it a try and posted the video on his official Instagram account. In the footage, he asked the chatbot what it could cook with the ingredients he had, which included spices, onions, milk, potatoes, tomatoes, bread, cheese, salt, and pepper.

ChatGPT replied, “You could make a cheesy potato and veggie bake.” After this, the bot suggested that he could cook the dish with the help of a recipe. He guided Shubham at every step.

Once the dish was ready, the user tried it and said that it is extremely delicious. “Comment karo ingredients aur Chat GPT ki madad se mai banaunga unse dish,” Joshi captioned the video.

Take a look at the video below,

Since it was posted on January 21, the food recipe video has garnered more than 2.5 lakh likes, five million views, and numerous funny reactions in the comment section.

“Milk and onions are enemies bro, they should never be used together,” one user commented. “Tha kuch nhi bhai video banane ke liye ye sbh kharid k laaya…” another Instagram user said.

Another user said: “You are a human for God’s sake, use your intelligence! Your brain will stop having ideas if you depend on this s…!”

“You don’t need AI to do this. Download an app called ‘common sense’,” a third user reacted.

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