XV BRICS Summit will be held in August in Durban, South Africa

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The 15th BRICS Summit will take place this year at the end of August in Durban, South Africa.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov apparently made the announcement at a joint press conference with Eritrean State Foreign Minister Osman Saleh in Massawa, Eritrea on January 26, the agency reported. from ANI news.

Calling the BRICS a manifestation of global multipolarity, Lavrov said that strengthening regional identity in developing regions of the world does not mean that multipolarity is not occurring in a global dimension.

“This organization unites five countries, with more than 12 others showing interest in joining it. Developing ties between the BRICS and other countries will be a central theme at the next summit of the five in Durban in August, South Africa The clock of multipolar history is ticking in the right direction,” Lavrov said.

The foreign ministers of Brazil, Russia, India and China met for the first time on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in 2006, kicking off the BRIC cooperation.

Subsequently, in April 2011, South Africa participated, for the first time, in the 3rd BRICS Summit held in Sanya, China.

Since 2009, the BRICS leaders have convened 14 formal meetings and 9 informal meetings.

In early 2013, the fifth annual BRICS summit was held in Durban, South Africa. The heads of state or government of the five member states Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa attended.

In June 2009, the BRIC leaders held their first meeting in Russia, raising the BRIC cooperation to the Summit level. The BRIC leaders met for the first time in Russia in June 2009, elevating the BRIC cooperation to Summit status.

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